Monday, January 11, 2010

The Thunderchickens!

Going outside the boundaries of what this blog is usually reserved for, but I think for something this cool... it's necessary! The reason for this post is to pimp a really great comic currently up for consideration at the Zuda Comics competition. It's done by a couple of creators I know over at Digital Webbing named William Dean Blankenship Jr. & Chad Boudreau. These guys are going all out to promote the comic and win the competition, and I definitely think it's worthy of the prize. They came up with a really neat promotional comic and asked, ever-so-nicely, for the Digital Webbing folks to spread it around as much as they could. So check the promo comic out below, and if you like it head on over to Zuda and give the actual comic a try HERE. And if you like THAT, please vote for it and add it to your favorites and, well... they say it much better than I ever could. So without further ado... the Thunderchickens! Click to read it in a much larger size.


  1. Thank you for the post good sir!

  2. No problem, Bill. Not sure if it helped or not, but I gave it my best shot. Really enjoyed the step-by-step of this on your site too.