Thursday, January 7, 2010

The One Word Project

If you're familiar with the website, you know the idea behind it is you click the "GO" button, it pops a word up on the screen, and then you have 60 seconds to write whatever comes to mind regarding that word. It's a neat little concept, but unfortunately 60 seconds isn't nearly long enough to finish a comic script. So one of my ideas for improving and producing more as a writer this year (and supplying this blog with content) is to warm-up by taking a suggestion from and writing a small sample script based on the word that I'm given. Nothing longer than 5 pages or so, unless I'm feeling truly inspired. I think it'll be a good exercise, and it might even result in some ideas that could be developed further on down the line. Ya never know, right? I'm going to try and do at least one of these a week. If I can't stick to that, I don't think I have any business being a writer at all, so let's all cross our fingers. But don't cross your fingers on both hands, because that would be a double-cross.

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