Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Slogging along...

...singing a song!


Yeah, so this week started off a little poorly. Had a hellacious time at the day job yesterday. It happens from time to time, but this one was so bad that I barely remembered or even had the time to visit oneword.com and acquire my word for the week. I did remember to do it eventually though, and no, the word isn't slog. Although that would be one heck of a word for the week. The word I did get has me pondering a little bit more than I usually like to on a script I need to finish in my spare time within a 5 day deadline. I have two ideas for stories, but I'm not sure which of the two I'm going to go with. So that's a bit of a pain, but I plan to make the decision and get started at some point today.

I'll probably also write up my next DWPFF entry tomorrow. There's actually been quite a bit of activity concerning the project over at the Digital Webbing boards lately. Most of it has been fairly positive, including the posting of a nearly-finished page from my own story in the "work journal" thread, but there's been a bit of negativity as well. I suppose it's to be expected with any project on as large a scale as this one is. There are 50+ creators to deal with, all with their own ideas and special set of circumstances. I do not envy Chris Stevens his workload, and I sympathize with him a great deal, but most of all I admire him for pressing on in the face of all the adversity.

I recently re-connected with an artist I had been working with on a project last year that got derailed. We've talked briefly about possibly picking it back up again. It would be months down the line, as we're both entrenched with other concerns at the moment, but it's always nice to have another project in the pipeline to think about. Keeps the days from getting dull. More tomorrow.

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