Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Evolving right before our very eyes!

So the Zuda project I've been working on since the beginning of the year has been tabled for now. The primary reason being that I didn't like the way it was progressing from an art standpoint. The original artist, Dario Carrasco, had a very specific look for the characters involved, and both Dario and I felt we were holding the artist we'd hired for the pitch to an unfair standard. These things tend to happen from time to time, especially when you're doing work that relies on collaboration to get anything done. The artist and I are discussing options for an alternate property to bring to Zuda, so there's still a possibility I'll be able to get something ready in time for the middle months of the competition. Dario and I are discussing an alternate path for the project we had slated for Zuda now too, so things are still shuffling along at a reasonable pace.

My "one word" script is going remarkably well this week. I'm trying a bit of an experiment with it this time around, but I'll talk about that more when I post it up on Friday. I actually think I'll finish it well before the others I've done these first three weeks. That will leave me additional time to write some other things I've been meaning to get to. That's always a good thing.

In other exciting news--I've doubled my followers! So I'd just like to take a second to thank Jason Copland and PJ Magalhaes for occasionally glancing at the blog. Jason is a tremendous artist whose most recent claim to fame is doing work for Image Comics' Perhapanauts series. He's also providing art for one of the stories in the "DWPFF" project I'm always talking about. He updates his blog even more than I update mine, so be sure to check that out. As for PJ, I first met him when I was looking for an inker for one of my projects. PJ is a good guy, and a fine artist in his own right. Thanks again, guys!

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