Friday, May 27, 2011


I can't believe I never mentioned this! I've talked about William Blankenship on this blog before. He's a talented, sometimes twisted (but loveable!), artist I've had the pleasure of working with on a story featuring the Warmageddon character Mik'l. He also has his own website, Bohemian Zen, where he blogs about whatever strikes his fancy and posts up amazing quantities of art, along with some great webcomics. Some time ago I asked him to do a commission of Marvel Comics' heroic Black Knight and he produced the stunning piece of artwork you're seeing below.

After he knocked that one out of the park, I contacted him again regarding something that had been giving me a lot of trouble. A title image for my blog--Exlactus! As you can see by lifting your eyes ever so slightly and looking, Mr. Blankenship did an incredible job with it. And to be perfectly honest, he went far beyond what I'd originally asked for. All I'd figured on was a "Galactus-type" character sitting at a desk typing on a laptop, perhaps with a small planet sitting on the desk with a bite taken out of it like an apple. Bill took those thoughts and ran a cross country marathon with them. The background is stunning, the idea of sitting on the Earth is inspired, and the idea to plug the laptop into the sun is sheer brilliance. He even had the common courtesy to keep my idea of the small planet as snack. He also created the logo, and coined the phrase "Devourer of Words". It was all him, and I'll probably never be able to thank him properly for all of it. I feel like a true heel for waiting this long to say it publicly, but...

Thank you, Bill.

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